NYSC 36th & Madison

36th & Madison


Most of the patrons that frequent this facility are from the surrounding businesses, they do not live near this gym. Therefore, the hours they are open are influenced and dictated by the local business culture and working business class demographic, meaning the gym tends to close earlier than most other NYSCs. Check their website for the hours.

The gym is way bigger than other gyms I have seen and it is nice. There are three levels comprised of cardio on the main level, stretching on the upper level, and weights and resistance training are in the lower level with the locker rooms. There is plenty of space between cardio machines and weight machines so you don’t feel cramped exercising.

There are two studios for classes, also located on the lower level. When there are no classes, the space is available for individual use. For more information on classes visit the website.

My experience overall with this place was good. There weren’t many people “gymming” around 8:30 pm. The management and staff were friendly and nice. I didn’t expect too much from the locker room, so I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t terribly nice. Just your basics with lockers, towels, showers and sinks. I ventured to the resistance/weight lifting part of the gym first. I challenged the TRX to a few rounds and swing around some kettle bells and lunged with dumbbells.  I did cardio upstairs on my fave treadmills called a Woodway treadmill.

Quickly, Woodway treadmills have almost a tire like on them and reduce impact unlike regular treadmills.
36madAbove: Quick pic of the space on the lower level and TRX battle ground.

I have to add a weird side story experience. This guy who was probably 6’5 maybe taller, was walking around loudly pep talking himself in between bosu ball squat sets. Initially, I thought ‘we’ve all been there on the struggle bus, do what ya gotta do to get through it’. However, he started getting in everyone space slapping his head and jumping up and down right next whatever body was in the vicinity. Apparently, he is a regular, so 36th and madison goers, you’ve been warned.

Overall, it is a great gym with a great layout. I’d encourage all in the area to go!

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the gym!

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Massages do the body good

Shun Fa Relaxing Center aka Body Works As New Yorkers, the sheer fact alone that we achieve 10,000 steps a day easily, just walking around this lively and industrious city.  This means we need to t…

Source: Massages do the body good

Berry glad I didn’t say Banana?


Okay, so there’s also banana in this. Give yourself a boost of berries in this smoothie (with banana)!

Makes two servings.

1.5 cups of mixed berries (this has raspberries, blue berries, strawberries)
1 banana (small or medium)
1-2 table spoons of chia seeds
1.5 – 2 cups of almond milk
1 Table spoon of agave (or to taste)

For a more healthy dessert, you can freeze the smoothie and then add a dollop of cool whip.

Enjoy cheers to health!


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New York Sports Club

Welp, I am officially a member of NYSC. I am making it my goal to visit every single Manhattan location to workout and take fitness classes.  I will be writing about physical location, size of the facility, atmosphere, equipment, classes, cleanliness and maintenance, staff, and busy hours.

Disclaimer: There are a few other blogs that I have seen that comment on NYSC facilities through out the city. The best one I found was written from 2010 to 2012. So 4 years later I’ll try to carry the torch.

As I post about these facilities, please feel free to comment on the gyms, give in put, or suggest things that you would like to know more about.

Happy fitness to all!


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The High Line Life


Though High Line Park is a tourist attraction, it was nice to walk it this weekend hand-in-hand with this guy, observing the buildings and space we live in.
The High Line starts in the Meat Packing District and ends up near 34th street. It offers a view of the city that you do not get to see wandering around on the streets. This old rail way is rich with history, horticulture, and horizon views. There are modern geometric buildings lining the park on either side sprinkled with older rustic looking buildings. The park actually makes it way through the Standard Hotel.

On warm and clear days, the high line will be bustling with slow walking tourists and spritely photographers trying to capture every angle of the park. If you wanted to run the high line, I would suggest waking up around sunrise to avoid all crowds, otherwise it is next to impossible to even keep a brisk walking New York pace during the busy hours.

Below are a few pictures from up near 34th street.

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And if anyone can tell me why these are here or the purpose behind this “art”, I would be grateful for any understanding.


Happy trails in New York City!


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Massages do the body good

Shun Fa Relaxing Center aka Body Works

As New Yorkers, the sheer fact alone that we achieve 10,000 steps a day easily, just walking around this lively and industrious city.  This means we need to take care of our bodies with a little pampering.

I heard about this place from a patient who said it was “uh-mazing”. I dragged my right hand man, Mark (aka significant other) with me. Located on 8th street at 6 ave.

The entrance looks like this…


The experience break-down:
– Couples massage for $35/hour each.
– 15-20min foot massage (in sofas near the entrance)
– 40-45 min full body massage (in sectioned off spaces with curtains)
Note: They pulled a curtain back to make a big “room” for Mark and I to be together
– Hot rock massage during full body masssage

A few notes from the day after:
I had a bruise on my mid back where I had wanted the masseuse to really get in there, but I did not have any soreness. Mark had residual soreness in his back, but no where else.

– Steady client base of well to-do peoples coming through the door and regulars form the neighborhood, always a good sign
– Walk-ins welcome
– They ensure an hour massage
– Relaxing atmosphere
– Couples massages available (we did this)
– Restroom is clean
– Hot Stone massage during body work is to die for
– Well WORTH THE $$
– Punch card with a free massage after 10

– Drab green on the exterior of the shop can be daunting, initially, so do not expect a spa like atmosphere inside.
– Not exactly aesthetically pleasing interior
– Curtains separate private massage spaces

The only thing I would say is these massages are intense so this would not be a place for anyone with a herniated disc in their back or neck or a joint/body part with an acute injury.

More Pictures:

This was a fantastic cheap experience and one that is affordable to keep up with.  As with any type of whole body work, no matter they type of massage, remember to drink a TON of water to flush out toxins released from the massage.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you decide to have a “treat yo’self” day with this hidden find in NYC.


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Drinkable peanutbutter cup

This is basically dessert in a cup with a healthy twist.


1 banana
2-3 tbs peanutbutter (I used organic unsalted)
2 tbs Cocoa Almond Spread (from Trader Joes)
Chia seeds
1.5 cups Almond Milk
1 tsp Turmeric (maybe less if you are sensitive to the taste)

Why Turmeric? There have been multiple studies that reveal turmeric to be a natural anti-inflammatory agent and aids in digestion. The real question may be, Why not?

Drink it as a smoothie or place it in the freezer for a delicious treat later.

Happy Healthing!


It’s not easy being green

Kale is King Smoothie


It’s not easy “drinking” green. But with this homemade smoothie I was in heaven. Goes down smooth and tastes delicious.

1-1.5 cups Kale
1 Banana
1 cup Pineapple
2 tbs Chia Seeds
3/4 cup Almond Milk
Agave (to taste)

Place all ingredients in blender and mix until smooth.

  • A few side notes on the ingredients:
    Kale – preweashed and chopped from Trader Joes
    Pineapple – frozen pineapple from Trader Joes
    Agave – Blue Agave (also from Trader Joes)

Hope you enjoy this smoothie!

Happy Healthing!



Fly Wheel – Astor Place

Honestly, my preconceived notions of FlyWheel, or spin culture in general, was that it was along the lines of a cycling cult. I was proven wrong as I walked through the door!



This review will be be about the Fly Wheel classes I attended with the instructor Samantha aka Sam at the Astor Place location.

Atmosphere: Inviting, energetic, welcoming, open. The class can give off an intense vibe, but it gives you a little adrenaline to pump you up.

Workout: Hour long class with a warm up in the beginning, the ramping up cadence, torque (resistance), and change in climbing positions (click here for positions). Approximately half way through the class, upper body strength training start with two weighted bars, focusing on biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

Setup of the bike is done by the instructor to make sure you properly fit the bike and decrease the risk of injury while riding.
Instructors promote PRs (personal records) rather than competition amongst the room.
Can follow your pace in the room on a screen if you choose, can also opt out.
Book classes online, easy and convenient
Shower rooms available in own enclosed room with changing space.
Lockers are plentiful, no worries about low availability
Free water, bananas and apples.
Staff is extremely friendly.

Hard to hear the instructor over the music.
The leader board can create some competition in the room other than achieving a new PR.

Instructor: Samantha
She is energetic, encouraging, extremely fit. Articulate and concise when explaining each portion of the ride.

Words to the wise:
Using the weights on the bike can be taxing on the low back, so be sure to only use the weight you can handle. You do not have to use both the weighted bars. And don’t worry about anyone looking at whether you can do it or not. Safety is no accident. Do you, Snowflake.

I hope this review was helpful! If you have an questions or comments, please leave them below and I will reply!

Thank you for reading!




Exercise for money

Recently a friend pinned this on pinterest and I decided to give it a try. Here are a few ways to make money off your fitbit. They are pretty simple. I learned from exploring these options that you don’t have to have a fitbit, but apps like Runkeeper, will link to organizations that are incentivizing exercise to promote wellness.

Take up some of these challenges with me!

Let’s get fit!