Fly Wheel – Astor Place

Honestly, my preconceived notions of FlyWheel, or spin culture in general, was that it was along the lines of a cycling cult. I was proven wrong as I walked through the door!



This review will be be about the Fly Wheel classes I attended with the instructor Samantha aka Sam at the Astor Place location.

Atmosphere: Inviting, energetic, welcoming, open. The class can give off an intense vibe, but it gives you a little adrenaline to pump you up.

Workout: Hour long class with a warm up in the beginning, the ramping up cadence, torque (resistance), and change in climbing positions (click here for positions). Approximately half way through the class, upper body strength training start with two weighted bars, focusing on biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

Setup of the bike is done by the instructor to make sure you properly fit the bike and decrease the risk of injury while riding.
Instructors promote PRs (personal records) rather than competition amongst the room.
Can follow your pace in the room on a screen if you choose, can also opt out.
Book classes online, easy and convenient
Shower rooms available in own enclosed room with changing space.
Lockers are plentiful, no worries about low availability
Free water, bananas and apples.
Staff is extremely friendly.

Hard to hear the instructor over the music.
The leader board can create some competition in the room other than achieving a new PR.

Instructor: Samantha
She is energetic, encouraging, extremely fit. Articulate and concise when explaining each portion of the ride.

Words to the wise:
Using the weights on the bike can be taxing on the low back, so be sure to only use the weight you can handle. You do not have to use both the weighted bars. And don’t worry about anyone looking at whether you can do it or not. Safety is no accident. Do you, Snowflake.

I hope this review was helpful! If you have an questions or comments, please leave them below and I will reply!

Thank you for reading!





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