Massages do the body good

Shun Fa Relaxing Center aka Body Works

As New Yorkers, the sheer fact alone that we achieve 10,000 steps a day easily, just walking around this lively and industrious city.  This means we need to take care of our bodies with a little pampering.

I heard about this place from a patient who said it was “uh-mazing”. I dragged my right hand man, Mark (aka significant other) with me. Located on 8th street at 6 ave.

The entrance looks like this…


The experience break-down:
– Couples massage for $35/hour each.
– 15-20min foot massage (in sofas near the entrance)
– 40-45 min full body massage (in sectioned off spaces with curtains)
Note: They pulled a curtain back to make a big “room” for Mark and I to be together
– Hot rock massage during full body masssage

A few notes from the day after:
I had a bruise on my mid back where I had wanted the masseuse to really get in there, but I did not have any soreness. Mark had residual soreness in his back, but no where else.

– Steady client base of well to-do peoples coming through the door and regulars form the neighborhood, always a good sign
– Walk-ins welcome
– They ensure an hour massage
– Relaxing atmosphere
– Couples massages available (we did this)
– Restroom is clean
– Hot Stone massage during body work is to die for
– Well WORTH THE $$
– Punch card with a free massage after 10

– Drab green on the exterior of the shop can be daunting, initially, so do not expect a spa like atmosphere inside.
– Not exactly aesthetically pleasing interior
– Curtains separate private massage spaces

The only thing I would say is these massages are intense so this would not be a place for anyone with a herniated disc in their back or neck or a joint/body part with an acute injury.

More Pictures:

This was a fantastic cheap experience and one that is affordable to keep up with.  As with any type of whole body work, no matter they type of massage, remember to drink a TON of water to flush out toxins released from the massage.

Thank you for reading and I hope that you decide to have a “treat yo’self” day with this hidden find in NYC.


Please leave any comments or questions!




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