The High Line Life


Though High Line Park is a tourist attraction, it was nice to walk it this weekend hand-in-hand with this guy, observing the buildings and space we live in.
The High Line starts in the Meat Packing District and ends up near 34th street. It offers a view of the city that you do not get to see wandering around on the streets. This old rail way is rich with history, horticulture, and horizon views. There are modern geometric buildings lining the park on either side sprinkled with older rustic looking buildings. The park actually makes it way through the Standard Hotel.

On warm and clear days, the high line will be bustling with slow walking tourists and spritely photographers trying to capture every angle of the park. If you wanted to run the high line, I would suggest waking up around sunrise to avoid all crowds, otherwise it is next to impossible to even keep a brisk walking New York pace during the busy hours.

Below are a few pictures from up near 34th street.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if anyone can tell me why these are here or the purpose behind this “art”, I would be grateful for any understanding.


Happy trails in New York City!


Please leave and questions or comments you may have!


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