NYSC 36th & Madison

36th & Madison


Most of the patrons that frequent this facility are from the surrounding businesses, they do not live near this gym. Therefore, the hours they are open are influenced and dictated by the local business culture and working business class demographic, meaning the gym tends to close earlier than most other NYSCs. Check their website for the hours.

The gym is way bigger than other gyms I have seen and it is nice. There are three levels comprised of cardio on the main level, stretching on the upper level, and weights and resistance training are in the lower level with the locker rooms. There is plenty of space between cardio machines and weight machines so you don’t feel cramped exercising.

There are two studios for classes, also located on the lower level. When there are no classes, the space is available for individual use. For more information on classes visit the website.

My experience overall with this place was good. There weren’t many people “gymming” around 8:30 pm. The management and staff were friendly and nice. I didn’t expect too much from the locker room, so I wasn’t surprised that it wasn’t terribly nice. Just your basics with lockers, towels, showers and sinks. I ventured to the resistance/weight lifting part of the gym first. I challenged the TRX to a few rounds and swing around some kettle bells and lunged with dumbbells.  I did cardio upstairs on my fave treadmills called a Woodway treadmill.

Quickly, Woodway treadmills have almost a tire like on them and reduce impact unlike regular treadmills.
36madAbove: Quick pic of the space on the lower level and TRX battle ground.

I have to add a weird side story experience. This guy who was probably 6’5 maybe taller, was walking around loudly pep talking himself in between bosu ball squat sets. Initially, I thought ‘we’ve all been there on the struggle bus, do what ya gotta do to get through it’. However, he started getting in everyone space slapping his head and jumping up and down right next whatever body was in the vicinity. Apparently, he is a regular, so 36th and madison goers, you’ve been warned.

Overall, it is a great gym with a great layout. I’d encourage all in the area to go!

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the gym!

#gymsohard #Allthe NYSCs



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