What it’s all about

Finding a personal balance is important, especially when you succumb to the flow of this city. Before you know it, your schedule is completely full with work, happy hours, and daily chores to keep up with. My hope is to bring awareness of accessible and affordable fitness and health options from around the city to you. I will attend fitness and yoga classes all over this city and give my recommendations based on intensity, guidance from instructors, and atmosphere of the environment from a trainer and physical therapist perspective. And let us not forget fashion, as we trend forward in sweat. I will try different brand apparel that is sport specific and give my recommendations based on fit, function, and how they come out after washing.

My goal is encourage those of us living in this city to create an environment and lifestyle that fosters a true sense of balance that “fits” you.



About Dani

I am originally from Northern California. I moved here, to NYC, to pursue my second career as a physical therapist. Currently, I practice in Manhattan as a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist. I also work as a pediatric physical therapist in Brooklyn a couple evenings during the week. In my spare time I love long distance running, volleyball, fitness classes, exploring, traveling, and cooking. I suppose this blog is my latest hobby and writing it has encouraged me to spirit feeling my way through fitness classes, delve into fashion for the avid active individual, and explore healthy food lifestyles in the belly of the beast called New York City.


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