Mile High Run Club NOHO


For those of you unfamiliar with Mile High Running Club, it is an indoor treadmill fitness class. They have state of the art Woodway treadmills that have tread on them for a lower impact running surface as well as an open front to prevent kicking anything when running.

This review will be be about the two Dash-28 classes I attended at the NOHO location.


There are 36 Woodway 4Front treadmills available at this studio.

Atmosphere: relaxed, welcoming, pretty nonjudgmental. At first, the vault like door looks daunting, but once you get into the room, it feels like you are in “Bruno Mars’ bredroom” as a friend stated.

Workout: Running is approximately 28 minutes of the total time and consists of hills (inclines) and speed (sprints). Warm up in the beginning with dynamic stretches rather than static stretching, which I greatly appreciate as a physical therapist. Class ends with weight training comprised of body weight exercises and kettle bells.

The demands of a beginner, intermediate, and racers are clearly defined so you know where you fit in.
Instructors promote PRs (personal records) rather than competition amongst the room.
Can reserve treadmills online. (I ran next to two of my friends both times).

Small dressing rooms, lockers, and waiting area before entering room.
Mirrors fog at the end of class and it may be viewed as gross. (However, can be viewed as a manifestation of hard work!)

Instructor preference: Andia – she is motivated, gives external cues that aid in perfecting your own running and pushes you to safely attain your goals during the class. She also performs all body weight exercises and KB exercises perfectly.

I hope this review was helpful! If you have an questions or comments, please leave them below and I will reply!

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Reviewing Yoga To The People on the Upper West side (103rd street and broadway) next! Stay tuned!



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